Vanessa Postil is a local performer/theater technician who has worked with almost all of our Olympia theater companies both on and off the stage. You may have seen her recently as Betsy Bear in OFT’s production of Busytown! Vanessa is originally from Los Angeles, CA and came to Olympia to attend the Evergreen State College, where she received her BA with emphasis on theater and film. She has been a Teaching Artist for over 10 years; staging shows, directing theater/film camps, and workshops with students of all ages. Here at OFT, Vanessa has co-taught an after school workshop production of Cinderella with Kate Ayers, and directed a hugely successful musical theater camp over Winter Break 2014. Vanessa is passionate about creating an environment of creative expression where students take value in the skills they develop and apply them in ALL aspects of their lives.