MullahFebruary 2- 18, 2018
Recommended for all ages!

The Man! The Myth! The Mullah … Nasreddin! Folklore hero, wise fool and spiritual jester, Mullah Nasreddin invites us to enjoy the absurdity of ourselves.

The stories about the Mullah (which means teacher) have their origins from as far back as the 13th century where he may or may not have been a real person in Turkey. Regardless, the stories live on passed down over the centuries from parents to children across the world. Olympia Family Theater is thrilled and honored to present a collection of Mullah moments, along with several other folktales from Islamic cultures near and far.

Our story is set in a Turkish marketplace in the 13th century, where three wise men come to ask three questions of the town’s wisest citizen, the Mullah. The wise men offer a prize for the entire town if he can answer them correctly. With the support of all the townspeople, Nasreddin uses his wit and wisdom to respond to the questions.

One folklore example of the Mullah’s wit, Nasreddin was sitting talking with a friend as dusk fell. “Light a candle,” the man said, “because it is dark now. There is one just by your left side”. “How can I tell my right from my left in the dark, you fool?” asked the Mullah.

This original adaptation was written by local playwright Christian Carvajal in consultation with local members of the Muslim community.

Directed by: Ted Ryle
Collected stories from Islamic Folklore
Adapted by Christian Carvajal

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