oft on the move horizontalOlympia Family Theater’s “On the Move” performs in schools, libraries and other public or private places.  The performances are a great way for children to experience the joy, wonder and creativity of live theater.  We bring simple sets, props, costumes, and actors to you.  Children can have the chance to lose themselves in the art of theater without leaving.  Each show features 3 or 4 professional and engaging actors playing multiple roles. Performances typically run approximately 45 minutes and can take place in your auditorium, gymnasium, cafeteria, or just about anywhere.

OFT is committed to bringing the rich experience of live theater into communities throughout the South Puget Sound region and offers discount pricing to Title 1 Schools and Libraries.

Our On The Move shows are written and directed by our Daytime Program Director, Kate Ayers.

2015-16 Tour Shows!

We Bring the Show to you!
Call us to book your show today!  360-570-1638

Pricing for Thurston County Schools*: $450
Title I Schools: $400
* An additional mileage charge applies for travel outside of Thurston County. Please contact us for details: 360-570-1638, info@olyft.org

Shakespeare, Shake it Up!  

Are you “in a pickle” over Shakespeare?  Do you think learning about the Bard is a “wild goose chase” or “much ado about nothing” and you can’t make “rhyme or reason” out of it?  Does it “set your teeth on edge”?  No worries- you’re already using Shakespeare’s words!  This lively, fast-paced show will “keep you in stitches” and introduce Shakespeare, his work, life and times to all ages in a fun format- showing how and why his works are still relevant today!

This show is perfect for ages 5-14!

Ancient Superheroes

Mythology comes to life in this exciting, adventure-filled play featuring Theseus and the minotaur, Helen of Troy, Odysseus and the cyclops, Sisyphus, and all twelve labors of Hercules!

This show is perfect for ages 3-14

What people are saying about OFT On the Move

“I’ve participated in many OFT shows before, so when I heard that they were coming to my school to perform, I couldn’t wait. OFT shows always make me laugh and they teach great life lessons.”

– Annie Barrette (5th Grade)

“I experienced the 2-person traveling show of Lion Witch and the Wardrobe at my son’s elementary school. It was amazingly well-done. The kids giggled and shrieked in delight and it kept the attention of even the youngest ones in the audience. I hope we can get OFT’s touring group to come back again soon!”

– Kathy Strauss

“Nick and I very much enjoyed the program. The actors did a superb job. The majority of the children there were new to theatre and the program was perfect for that audience. It was a fun and engaging introduction to theatre.  It was obvious that they had prepared well for the performance, but I liked how it felt spontaneous.” 

 – Jill Hayes

Some more rave reviews from kids…

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