Winnie the Pooh

pooh-bearNovember 24- December 23, 2017
Recommended for all ages!

Rabbit is frantic, Eeyore is miserable, Owl can’t take action until after the meeting, Pooh is stuck and Piglet is missing! Come along as Pooh rescues Piglet from the strange new animal in the forest.

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3 Impossible Questions

MullahFebruary 2- 18, 2018
Recommended for all ages!

Around the world, for hundreds of years, passed down from parents to children, we are pleased to share the humor and wisdom of Mullah Nasreddin and other collected tales from Islamic folklore with you!READ MORE

Cinder Edna

Cinder EdnaMay 11 – June 3, 2018
Recommended for all ages

Cinderella’s fairy godmother and glass slippers may seem ideal, but you will fall in love with our Edna who’s trip to the palace means a bus ride, comfortable loafers, and a very different happily ever after.READ MORE