Auditions!  Auditions! Open Call!

Auditions for Olympia Family Theater’s production of OUR ONLY MAY AMELIA will be:

Monday December 1st: 7pm-9pm 
Tuesday December 2nd:  7pm-9pm

Location: The OFT space: 612 4th Ave E, Downtown Olympia- right across from City Hall

9 roles, ages 14+ (4 teen, 5 adult, male and female roles available)

Prepare yourself for a fun evening rotated cold readings and mixing and matching. Come for one or both nights.

Questions? More details? email

Show runs 3/20-4/5. Rehearsals begin mid-February.

Based on the Newberry Award winning novel, this frontier adventure is set in Southwestern Washington at the turn of the 1800’s. This is the story of May Amelia Jackson, the only girl ever born in the new settlement along the Naselle River. She battles between being a ‘proper young lady’ and her inner spirit. The arrival of her baby sister sends her on a journey of self-discovery. This is a story of strength, identity, and self-reliance, and a battle against the expectations of tradition.

2014-15 Season Auditions for Adults were held in July.

Adults- If you did not make it to the general auditions for some reason, you may contact OFT via e-mail about upcoming performance opportunities.   Include a list of shows you are interested in- resume and head shot with your e-mail to us at

More about getting involved and the OAL’s below…

Season Auditions for Olympia Family Theater (and lots of other local theaters) were held July 19th and 20th, 2014 from 10am-4pm, in cooperation with the Olympia Audition League (OAL). You can also join their group on Facebook – just look for: “Olympia Audition League” – for up to the minute local audition notices, fantastic workshops for performers and more!  More info on the OAL website.

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