2016-17  Season General Auditions

April 30 and May 1st, 2016 from 10am- 4pm at Olympia Family Theater.

Registration is OPEN!

Season Auditions for Olympia Family Theater (and lots of other local theaters) will be held April 30 and May 1 from 10am- 4pm in cooperation with the Olympia Actors League (OAL). You must be 16 or above to audition through the OAL’s.  You can also join their group on Facebook group – just look for: “Olympia Actors League” – to receive up to the minute local audition notices, fantastic workshop opportunities for performers and more!  More info and how to register-OAL website

If you cannot make it to the general auditions, you may contact OFT via e-mail about upcoming performance opportunities.   Include a resume and head shot (or just a recent picture of you- that LOOKS like you) as well as a list of shows you are interested in and send it via e-mail to OFT’s Artistic Director: jenryle@olyft.org

OFT has lots of educational opportunities for kids to gain experience on our stage.  Check out our school break camps and after school workshops.  At least one show on our mains stage each season has some youth parts and auditions for these are held in the fall.  Make sure you are on our mailing list to receive an audition notice for these roles.

OFT’s season will be announced at Arts Walk on April 22nd and then posted here.

Here’s a bit of advice about auditioning-

Q: What should I prepare? Do I really need to memorize a monologue?
A: The OAL is interested in actors with all levels of experience. We recognize that auditions can be intimidating and that you may have never auditioned before. We highly encourage you to prepare a memorized audition monologue, which is the best way of showcasing your skills. We strongly suggest that veteran actors (those who’ve been in five or more shows) prepare at least one monologue. This can even be something from a show you’ve performed in. You are encouraged to perform two contrasting monologues or a monologue and a song, but they must fit within your audition time.

Q: I want to audition for a musical? What do I bring?
A: Being cast in a musical generally means you have to be able to sing. We need to hear your singing abilities if you are auditioning for a musical. In addition to a monologue, you should also have a prepared musical audition, consisting of 16 bars of music in a key that highlights your vocal abilities. There will be an accompanist at the audition.  She cannot and will not make key changes during your audition; you must bring music in your key and have pre-selected your 16 bars or be prepared to sing a capella.

Q: I’m 16. Is there a way for students/youth to audition?
A: Some of the shows we are casting for have students/youth in them. Anyone who will be aged 16 or older by April 30, 2016 (the first audition date) can audition at OAL. If you are under 16, please do not sign up for or appear at the auditions as we will have to turn you away. There will be further auditions for youth specific roles with Olympia Family Theater.


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